The Wondermnt
Women Owned

When We Gather focuses on ATL rink’s biggest night – the annual “The Glide Queen Competition” -founded and created by Auntie Flo-Jo to bring black women on skates together for fun and sport.

Tonight’s big championship features three skate crews of women judged by Auntie Flo-Jo and her crew affectionately dubbed “The Aunties” – Auntie Cleopatra and Auntie Stormie -three grand dames on skates. The sisterhood considers the rink their second home and uses their collective power and resources for philanthropy within the community.

When the Auntie’s find out that one great skater, Theo, is missing tonight, Auntie Flo-Jo rallies the Aunties together to go see about one of their own. On operation “leave-no-niece-behind” , The Aunties show up at the missing skater’s home.

Holding space as only an Auntie can, Auntie Flo-Jo offers reassurance and sisterhood – pulling her honorary niece together to see the brighter side of life and ultimately compete.

Returning back to the rink, all skaters are accounted for and the crowd in full anticipation of a star-studded show…The Glide Queen Competition begins.